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Bonnie Shine


Bonnie Nicholas Shine was born into a family of rich circus history. Bonnie is the daughter of world famous Ringmaster Count Nicholas, Circus Ring of Fame Inductee, and the sister of Tuffy Nicholas, top producer of the Super American Circus. John Ringling North traveled to Europe in search of the best acts and brought her mother, Alice, and her sister, Rosalie, back to the United States to perform hand balancing, trapeze, riding elephants, and more. 

Once she was old enough to attend school, Bonnie’s mother stayed home while her father was out on the road. During the summer months, the whole family traveled together in the circus. When she was a teenager, Bonnie performed aerial ballet under the big top. When she wasn’t performing, she went on to work concessions, selling toys and making classic circus treats such as popcorn, cotton candy, and sno cones. She traveled all over the United States and Canada with several of the biggest shows in the world.

Over the past ten years, Bonnie has provided the opportunity for thousands of children to learn the art of circus performing at Shine on Circus Camp. The campers have the time of their lives meeting new friends in a safe, caring, and memorable environment. 

Bonnie’s desire is to keep the Circus alive by educating children about rich circus history and introducing them to the unique art of circus performance. Whether you choose a circus party at your home, place of business, or camp, it is guaranteed to be a blast under Bonnie’s direction. Her passion for the circus arts quite literally “shines” through during every single moment of her events.

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